Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Getting caught up in the "trappings of success"

The President of the United States of America spoke at Arizona State University tonight.

I did not attend, nor did I read the entire transcript. Honestly, I'm growing a bit weary of the constant speeches. I thought the campaign was over and he won. But I digress.

What I really learned from reading the "highlights" is this:

Why is it that this man goes everywhere telling everyone how bad America is, and constantly tells American not to strive for success - and the left drools and slobbers like it's the most wonderful message in the world!

The attitude he presents is not the attitude that made America the greatest nation on Earth, and if we all were to have this "be a community organizer, don't reach for the stars" sense of fulfillment he asks us to take, we will become (at best) a second-rate nation.

Would Henry Ford, Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, or so many other great Americans have given the world their great creations had they reached no higher than being a community organizer? Don't you suppose it's "getting caught up in the trappings of success" that led these and so many others to greatness?

Don't get me wrong - I can differentiate between the corruption of Bernie Madoff (and many of our Washington DC politicians today) as compared to wanting to know more and learn more, but it seems the message this man constantly presents is one that asks for complacency from Americans and forgiveness from foreigners - as opposed to aspiration from Americans and gratitude from other nations, for whom we have done so much so often.

I will always accept this President as my President, as I will not fall into the vitriolic "He's not my President" game the far left played during the George W. Bush era. I will say, however, that this President does not speak a message that I can believe in, and I hope that over the course of his Presidency we either hear him change his tune, or that a good percentage of currently brainwashed Americans wake up to the harsh reality that we have a very un-American person in charge of America.