Saturday, June 13, 2009

Best "Left" Alone...

Regarding the recent scuffle between David Letterman and The Palin Family, I have just one simple thought, which I think should settle the entire debate rather swiftly.

If you want to make a joke, but it's a joke that you would not make about your mom, your sister, or your wife - the joke is disrespectful and not funny. David Letterman, a once funny but now bitter and mean old man, was out of line. He was rude, has shown no class throughout the entirety of this "debate," and he never truly apologized. Although I have not watched his show in a long time, I will now avoid watching his show permanently, even if one of his guests is someone I am interested in. I'll take my chances on someone posting those interviews on YouTube.

Having said that - please, Mrs. Palin, let it rest. You are about to lose any political capital you might have gained through the past week. Leave well enough alone, as they say. You've made your point loudly and clearly, and now it's time for you to let Mr. Letterman continue to step in it. Leave it to him, because as things stand right now he will not be able to say or do anything on his own to improve his appearance in this debate. However, he certainly can make himself look worse if he's not careful, which will in turn make you look better.

I don't know if Sarah Palin is the person I want to see running against President Obama in 2012, but at the moment she certainly is one of the most visible and notable representatives of the "Loyal Opposition." I believe it is in the interest of all things opposed to Obama that she (as well as any other potential candidates) maintain as much dignity as possible in this and any other situation.

There is a very incorrect dialogue on the left, one which is being perpetuated by the mainstream media. This dialogue has created a perception that anyone not in lock-step with all things Obama must be a racist and a bigot, and therefore should be feared like Hitler.

In my opinion, the best way to change this misconception is to allow the left to show themselves for what they really are, since they are truly the party that classifies everyone by race and gender, age and education, and it is the political left who truly lack respect and dignity. This can be seen by watching any episode of Countdown with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC, during which Olbermann - to this day - continues to perpetuate the myth that waterboarding is torture and that George W. Bush is a criminal. Or perhaps the left is best exposed when reading a review of Glenn Beck's Comedy Tour in Vanity Fair or the New York Times, or reading the recent Paul Krugman article titled "The Big Hate", in which the newest rising star on The Fox News Channel - Glenn Beck - is essentially shredded with ad hominem attacks and Krugman's straw-man arguments.

Or maybe the best way to let Americans know what the leftist agenda is really all about is to ask some folks who just wanted to help people, and joined an organization called ACORN. Yet today they find themselves caught up in litigation, as they learned in time that the organization they had joined turned out to be a system built and maintained for the purpose of laundering money that has been essentially scammed from Congress.

One way or another, given enough time, the left will show itself to be the entity that it truly is - the entity that wishes to destroy the greatest political and social experiment since the beginning of mankind, and the greatest nation on God's Earth.