Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fox News Channel and Glenn Beck "Agree to Divorce"

Today it was announced that Glenn Beck and Fox News Channel will part ways. Here’s my take, if you care.

Glenn Beck and his staff have done more valuable research regarding the current Middle East situation than all of the “Big Three” networks' staffs, combined.

History will show that he predicted the American labor unions' involvement in the recent uprisings, at the highest levels of union leadership. Additionally, there will always be the somewhat unknown factor that Beck has touched on in recent days, which involves the current administration’s involvement in the planning of these uprisings. Perhaps before all is said and done it will not be an unknown, because if there is one thing I think we can expect from Glenn Beck, it is that he will go out with a bang if at all possible.

Beck has, almost without failure, predicted the economic crisis America now finds itself struggling through. No other major media figure can say the same. And while the “Big Three,” NPR, NYT, HuffPo, MSNBC, and CNN have all claimed the economic crash of 2008 to be “George W. Bush’s fault,” Beck has repeatedly offered accurate information about the 40 year build-up to the events that eventually helped Barack Hussein Obama get elected. While all the other networks claimed it was purely America's involvement in two Middle Eastern military theaters, Beck explained with accurate detail how Congress and Jimmy Carter began the entitlement program known as “The Community Reinvestment Act” that has been one of the biggest policy disasters in our nation’s history.

Beck will be fine without FNC, and FNC will be fine without Beck. Beck was a major media figure before he ever came to FNC; the network only gave him more exposure due to its larger audience.

Unfortunately the real winner in this situation is the Obama-manic lunatic fringe left, headlined by Soros and his “Educational organization” known as "Media Matters for America." They now have one less extremely accurate and persistent voice exposing them with the most powerful disinfectant – the truth. Of course, the Soros lackeys are all over MSNBC this evening taking credit for the "ouster" of Beck. One must wonder how MSNBC will fill the couple hours of programming they dedicate to Beck on a daily basis. Perhaps they’ll try… oh, never mind.