Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Together We Thrive: Tucson And America - An Analysis By One Arizona Resident

As an Arizonan I was very proud of the statements made during tonight's gathering in Tucson that discussed the nature of Tucson and our state as a community.

Arizonans have been misrepresented in a very unfair way by certain elements of the left who think we are all bigots and racists who want to live in the Wild West of the early 19th century.

Our laws are being called into question because of the actions of one clearly deranged individual, and we as a community are being deemed irresponsible and uncaring. We are being smeared with generalities by people who do not live here, who may rarely if ever visit here, and who most definitely do not understand what goes on here during the course of everyday living.

Arizonans are generally good, law abiding people with kind hearts and sound principles. We love our neighbors, our state, and our nation. We do not at all reflect the image that has been put forth by those who think we are all gun toting rednecks. We are as diverse and open a society of unique individuals as one will find across this great land. We are Americans who believe (for the most part) in individual liberties, and we understand and respect the responsibilities that come with such rights.

Sadly, there has been a tragedy in our state that has taken from us six of our family. Additionally, a good and decent woman was injured in a catastrophic way that will affect her for the rest of her life. Her injuries may render her unable to function in her role of Congressional Representative, but thankfully she is alive and may recover better than was originally expected.

All involved in the treatment of Gabrielle Giffords deserve the highest of praise. Due to her prominence on the national level it is natural for the media to focus on Congresswoman Gifford’s injuries in a seemingly obsessive way, but her condition is truly remarkable.

Regarding the media:

Paul Krugman should be ashamed of himself for inciting an extremely irrational level of discourse with his hyperbolic rant on Saturday afternoon in The New York Times, just a couple of hours after the shootings took place. His disgraceful misrepresentation of the commentary of conservatives has opened the floodgates for every loon on the left to blame Palin, Beck, Limbaugh, and anyone else with whom they disagree with politically.

To disagree with someone’s politics is fine; to accuse them of murder-by-proxy is irresponsible and embarrassing. Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, and the staffs of Huffington Post and other leftist blogs should go back to Journalism 101, or admit that they are pundits with an agenda and may not be offering facts, but definitely put forward their opinion.

Partisan hacks like Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, who have chosen to make this an issue of politics and finger-pointing rather than a time of mourning and understanding should hang their heads in shame. This guy is a clown and a disgrace to law enforcement. Soon it will come to light that he is guilty of conspiracy to cover up crimes by the alleged murderer Jared Loughner, all because Loughner’s mother worked for the Pima County Parks and Recreation department.

Finally, I must say:

To say the least, I find it fascinating that those on the political right have been very civil in their discussion about the events that took place in Tucson last Saturday, while those on the political left have been extremely irresponsible, simply pointing fingers and attempting to lay blame at all those except the truly guilty Jared Loughner.

It is now considered by many to be fact that Sarah Palin is complicit in the shootings, essentially guilty of murder-by-proxy. Also, she is also believed to have interjected herself into the discussion with the map that was created more than six months prior to Saturday.

By the way; there has been absolutely no mention by the left about the very same type of map that was used by the Democrat Party in the 2004 election.

And even though Jared Loughner is said to have had no interest in politics and never to have listened to talk radio or watch political discussion on television, it seems Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck have incredibly strong influence over his mind.

Of course, that would make perfect sense, given that Loughner was fearful of “though control,” although if I understand correctly it was the government he suspected of such actions.

Up until the moment that the guy went on the cheerleader rant about President Obama, this was a very pleasant gathering.

I mean no disrespect to our President; that introduction was partisan and unnecessary. This is a gathering to celebrate and honor the lives of the fallen, not to raise the roof for an elected official.

Thankfully President Obama recovered the situation well. I believe The President spoke well and offered the correct message, given the situation and the tone of the rhetoric across the nation right now.

And while I agree with President Obama that we should not score political points at a time of mourning, I must compliment him for handling this situation very well, both as a politician and a non-partisan leader of America.

At The Request of The President, A More Civil Discussion

So President Obama asked the nation for a more civil level of discourse, and tonight on MSNBC, Chris Matthews and Lawrence O'Donnell are busy discussing the "most controversial thing" Sarah Palin said in her Facebook video earlier.

The two "progressive" "journalists" are also still obsessed with why Palin used a map with "targets" on it to display what districts she believed were most important to go after during the 2010 midterm election, and why she seems to enjoy talking about guns. According to O'Donnell, Palin "entered the story immediately after the shooting because of her placement of a target on a map" which included Gabrielle Gifford's Congressional seat. Apparently Palin has incredible abilities to forecast events in the future, because I don't think any of the rest of us knew this shooting was going to take place. I guess Mrs. Palin must have incredible powers over Jared Loughner, even though he is reported to have no interest in politics.

Not once on MSNBC has it been mentioned that President Obama discussed that "If they bring a knife to a fight, we bring a gun" and that Republicans are "The enemy."

And they are absolutely reeling over the fact that the new Speaker of The House John Boehner did not attend tonight's events in Tucson. Apparently political points still matter at MSNBC, regardless of President Obama's suggestion that we look past partisan differences, and that if we are to have a discussion about the reasons for this tragedy we make that discussion worthy of the lives lost and affected by the senselessness.

Good thing they got the message on the left side of the partisan media divide.

Meanwhile on Fox News Channel, Greta Van Susteren is discussing the remarkable character of Gabrielle Giffords, who has in the past been a frequent guest on Greta's show.

And in the immediate aftermath of the event, Bret Baier and his panel of guests spent time discussing what a wonderful tone was set by President Obama and the entirety of tonight's events.

They remarked about how well The President handled the unorthodox environment in which the event took place, and how he truly did speak to the goodness of Americans as he asked that we find a way to raise the level of discourse.

Clearly it is true that Fox News Channel is evil, dangerous, and a branch of the Republican Party.