Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Night: A Little Fun, and a Prayer for Peace

In the news today amongst other stories, there’s the weenie named Weiner and his inability to recognize his own private parts, and there’s Sarah Palin playing the media like a fiddle.

In the first case we actually have reporters asking tough questions, like “Is that picture of you?” and then letting him slide without giving a direct answer. We can only imagine the reaction of the mainstream media, were Weiner a Conservative. Truth is it doesn’t matter much to me what Weiner is doing with his wiener and to whom he sends pictures, but the media double-standard is amazing to witness.

In the second case the media are griping because Palin, a non-candidate, is enjoying some time with her family, travelling across the eastern part of America and seeing historical sites. The media are disgruntled because Palin is not a candidate, and they are not entitled to a schedule, even though they desperately hang on every last word Palin says and every move she makes, because whether they like it or not Sarah Palin equals ratings and that’s what makes their bosses happy. That… and the fact that they have to stop “on the side of the road to pee" … apparently pisses them off.

Good grief.

And as if our media isn’t lame enough, here’s Chris Matthews, who seems to have forgotten (or conveniently omitted for the purpose of partisan analysis) Joe Biden's racist description of then-Senator Barack Obama, as Biden called Obama “The first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy."

Tonight on the inappropriately named MSNBC show “Hardball” hosted by the aforementioned tingly-legged host, Matthews was taking pot-shots at Mitt Romney and his clean, 50’s like character. In the process of offering his partisan perspective, Matthews said this about Romney:

I am not the most ardent supporter of Romney, although he'd be a far cry better for America than our current leader. But come on, Matthews... really? Are you that forgetful, or just that dishonest?

To top the night off... on a fun note, Matthews closed his show with commentary about the NBA Finals. If you don’t follow the NBA you won’t understand, but if you do follow the sport then you know that Dirk Nowitzki (pronounced nuh-vit-skee) is a one-man wrecking machine this playoff season, and that what he and the Dallas Maverics pulled off last night was nothing they haven’t done a few times already this year.

However, Matthews the frontrunner was all gleeful about the Miami Heat and their three-headed monster of Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh. Matthews was so unknowledgeable that he – a liberal elitist who should know better – did not pronounce the European Nowitzki’s name correctly, and although Matthews claims to be a fan of the sport, he seemed to know nothing of the talent that Dirk has displayed game after game throughout his entire career, and particularly this playoff season.

I don’t post very often lately, but I still pay a lot of attention to the news of our time. I have been very quiet about the situation brewing in the Middle East; not for lack of opinion or understanding, but because I have wanted to watch the story unfold and determine exactly what the truth is before offering my two cents.

I believe we are closer to the truth now than we’ve been in a long time, and I believe it is time for America to wake up and recognize the danger that lurks just around the corner.

Now that we are beginning to see the reality of the “Arab Spring,” I ask those of you who have not done so – please inform yourself.

Learn what is really happening in Egypt. Read about “Lara Logan being raped as her attackers yelled “Jew, Jew, Jew.”"Understand the position that Barack Obama first took, which was clearly that of an ally of the Muslim world and an antagonist to Israel.

Understand exactly how important peace in the Middle East truly is, and what the position of each side truly is.

Ask yourself this: if you had a neighbor who owned a gun and you owned a gun, and you promised each other to put down your guns, how would you feel if your neighbor constantly promised to put his gun down but then as soon as you dropped yours he began firing at you? Would you feel comfortable living next door to someone who had a clearly stated purpose of your extermination from Earth?

This is the relationship between the nation of Israel and the Muslim nations that surround that State. Israel has never fired upon any of its neighbors unprovoked, yet it is constantly attacked without provocation by those who have sworn to kill all Jews.

This is not a question of land that has been “occupied” by Jews. The land that is Israel today is the land that has always been the homeland of the Jewish people, and any land that is beyond what was originally granted during the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 was acquired (won) during wars that were initiated by Muslim nations.

There has never been a nation called Palestine, regardless of the modern American Liberal Democrat’s behavior and statements to the contrary. Palestine is a region, and while there are definitely people who lived in certain areas of that region who were displaced during wars, the idea that the “Palestinian Refugees” deserve to “go home” is far from the truth.

Today the people called “Palestinian Refugees” are nothing more than pawns being used by Muslim zealots from Iran and other Muslim nations under the banner of Hamas and Hezbollah, who hold power and have the desire to fulfill their believed prophecy of the extermination of the “Infidels.” Some of them may be good people, and some of them unfortunately have taken the political position of their "leadership" and believe that their plight is the fault not of their "leaders," but of the evil Infidel Jews.

Jerusalem is the center of the religious world. For those of Faith, the foundation of all creation is Jerusalem. Israel in its present condition under the leadership of Jews, allows persons of all religions to enjoy all the history and majesty of that land. Should Barack Obama and the Muslim world have their wish, Muslims would have control of almost all of the historical sites in Jerusalem, and the Muslims would not allow Jews and Christians to visit their most holy of locations.

It is time to take a stand, because while the American and liberal media have been portraying the “Arab Spring” as an uprising of youth with the desire for democratic freedom, that narrative is nothing close to the truth.

The truth is that while tyrannical dictators have indeed been removed from power, the Muslim Brotherhood, “a fanatical organization with ties to Nazis", is on a massive power grab and making inroads to the creation of a Caliphate. Should this come to pass, freedom in The Middle East will be in great peril, because Israel will be completely surrounded not by Muslims, but by radicals whose desire is the elimination of all Jews.

I stand with Israel. For the sake of freedom around the world, I hope you stand with Israel too.

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