Monday, March 29, 2010

Andrew Breitbart and the Egg-Throwing Reid Supporters

I happened to catch Andrew Breitbart filling in for Michael Savage this past week, and one of the things he discussed during the show was the lack of physical evidence provided by Reps. Lewis, Cleaver, Pelosi, at al as they hurled accusations of racial epithets and spitting by Tea Party Patriots.

To be fair, there is one video out now that shows a man yelling loudly in a crowd of 30,000 people and it appears that he "sprayed it" as he said it, but there is still no audio or video evidence of any other contemptuous behavior.

Contrast that with the following videos.

The first video (Via The Founding Bloggers) shows eggs being thrown at the Tea Party Express bus and films a man getting verbally aggressive with Breitbart.

The second video (Via Hot Air) shows Breitbart having a discussion with local law enforcement about the egg throwing incident.

In the the second video, Breitbart also describes how Reid supporters made a blatant effort to misdirect traffic, including Breitbart himself. Very hospitable.

Also worthy of note is how well spoken and polite Breitbart is in dealing with law enforcement officials, as opposed to what we have come to know as left-wing behavior when dealing with police (WARNING: LANGUAGE IN LINKED VIDEO).

For a full account of the day's events as they took place, be sure to check out Left Coast Rebel's post on the Searchlight Tea Party, he essentially live-blogged it on Saturday through feeds and contributions from across the blogosphere.

Check out Cliff's post at Another Black Conservative for a couple other great links, and there's a lot more discussion at Memeorandum.


Teresa said...

There is such a stark difference between Tea Party protesters and protesters at the G20 Summit.
Peaceful protests
vs. violent protests

Breitbart was so calm and collected.

Donald Borsch Jr. said...


I shot this over to Facebook as a link.

Can you believe these people? As time goes on, they will simply become more and more aggressive and obnoxious. Just watch.

Then one day they will overplay their hand, get smacked upside the head by a non-tolerant Conservative, and all hell will break loose.

Hmm. Hope I'm there to see that one.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Great stuff, just linked you, especially a nice find on the G20 riots....

Soloman said...

Teresa -

Amazing, isn't it?

Soloman said...

Don -

I'm kinda hoping for the day you describe. There's already been a few instances that have come close, but they've got the damned media in their pocket so tight it's going to take a whopper to finally break the zombie curse...

Soloman said...


Thanks... got your Facebook message too. I'm trying to coordinate the "networked blogs" gadget, we'll see if I got it right?!?

Soloman said...

BTW, Rebel -

I updated this post and added a link to your post from Saturday to give some great background. Thanks for linking to me on this one!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

What a lot of class ... just like Harry Reid.

Pink Liberty said...

Noted that you and Don are waiting for a fight. I'm hoping we begin to see more in common. I'm sure I could find some calm and tolerant (not) video of anti-choice long as that's where we're going with comparisons. Except I don't see any value in comparing angry Americans to angry Americans.

Soloman said...

Odie -

Just like Dingy Harry...

Soloman said...

Pink -

here you go again...

I'm not looking for a fight, I'm looking for some common sense from the left. I won't speak for Don, but I'd bet he feels the same.

Did you even watch the first video? The guy was ready to fight Breitbart, but Breitbart had the class to stand down.

The point that (I believe) Don was making is that one day some idiot from the left - because the left thinks they have some higher moral ground - is going to push someone from the right, and that person from the right isn't going to put up with the leftists crap.

you'll notice, though, that we on the right don't just allege things, as has been happening lately.

And mind you, it's not "anti-choice," it's pro-life.

Life is the choice. If you're not pro-life, then you're pro-abortion, which means you do not value human life because you believe killing an innocent unborn is legitimate.

BTW - I don't need to overturn Roe v. Wade to feel as I do - in fact I believe that decision is just fine as it is. The government should not tell people what to do with their bodies - which is why I am against the "health care" legislation.

Pink Liberty said...

I don't value human life? Do you hear how extreme you are? I've had two children and was lucky enough not to have miscarriages that many of my friends have suffered, multiple times. That's nature's abortion and I don't believe G-d causes that--and these women suffer in silence and nobody seems to care. If pro-lifers believed in life we'd have healthcare, better schools and a much more child-friendly country. I believe every aborted child goes with G-d and each is tragic, whether it's natural or induced. It is not mine or your moral responsibility to decide what another person does with their body, thank G-d. A pregnancy is none of your business unless you made it. That, my friend, is liberty. And you say that WE think WE are morally superior? I think we both carry that belief, don't we?

Soloman said...

Pink -

I'm not extreme, I'm honest.

If you believe that what goes on in America regarding abortion is legitimate, then you do not believe in the sanctity of human life.

Teenagers are given abortions without parental consent. Fetuses destroyed within hours of when they are ready to be conceived. Women using abortion as birth control for "mistakes" they get "stuck with" (as Obama said).

Miscarriage is a far cry from abortion. That's a fucking joke to try to equate the two.

In response to your question about moral superiority - no, I do not believe I am morally superior to anyone. I guess you own that one if you believe you are morally superior.

Your psychobabble about "if pro-lifers believed in life" is a joke. The same Christians who believe in life most certainly believe in healthcare - just not forced "equality" by the state.

And education? Don't get me started. There's a huge reason home-schooling is on the rise.

My seven year-old niece has only been taught by her school about one American president, and it's not George Washington. I don't expect her to know the names of all 44, but kids should at least be taught something about our founding. Now school boards - liberal, mind you - are trying to stop teaching any history prior to the late 1800's. Why? Because that's when Progressives started taking over.

I am as imperfect as a human being can be, but I have learned over my 43 years what is right and wrong, and will continue to learn. I make mistakes, and every time I learn from a mistake I thank God for the lesson He taught me.

By the way - what is G-d?

He is God, last time I checked.

Have a nice night. Happy Easter.

Ron Russell said...

The MSM is drawn to violence like a moth to flame, except when the acts are committed by the left against the right. I first saw this with the JFK assassignation in Dallas when at first they thought the killer was probably someone from the right and many commentators openly said so. Upon finding out that the killer, Oswald was a full blown lefty--the silence on this issue was deafening and no finger was pointed at the far left organizations that Oswald had been a member of in New Orleans. Its been this way for a long, long time with the left in control of the airways. Radio and FOX have changed things some, but we have a long uphill fight ahead. First time visitor. I see many of my friends on your links. I am the other TOTUS.