Friday, March 1, 2013

Remembering Andrew Breitbart, and Preparing for Armageddon

A Rasmussen Reports poll taken during the 2012 Presidential election found that 59% of likely voters believed incumbent President Obama received more favorable coverage, while only 18% believed the media reporting favored his challenger Mitt Romney. A more recent poll by that same organization found that only 56% of the news reported by today’s media is trustworthy. If that were a grade, it would be failing. That same poll found that 42% of likely voters do not trust the news media generally, and 12% believe the news reported by the mainstream news media is not trustworthy, at all.

There was a time in America’s recent past when Bob Woodward was considered a hero in the business of journalism and by those who believe in speaking “Truth to Power.” By resisting the temptation to believe that our elected officials were pure of intent, exploring and exposing that which others considered unimportant, and standing tall in the face of the powerful and the elite, the investigative reporting of Woodward and his coworker Carl Bernstein exposed illegal activity within the Republican Party and Nixon Administration, and ultimately his work led to the downfall of one of America’s most storied and prominent politicians of his time. Richard Nixon had been a political powerhouse for decades, but the arrogance of him and those around him became a weakness that led to one of the most embarrassing moments in American political history.

Again today, Woodward is not allowing the powerful and elite to dictate to him the story he brings to the public, and for that he is being labeled a pariah by many of the same people who learned much of their trade by studying his story. For exposing a bit of arrogance within the Obama administration, Woodward has been called a “liar” and “irrelevant,” and it has even been said about him that, “There are people waiting for Woodward to die so they can dish stuff on him that they’re too afraid to say now.”

One year ago today another media “pariah” left this earth prematurely. Andrew Breitbart was not willing to allow the powerful and elite keep him from exposing the hypocrisy in politics and bias in the media. The “Happy Warrior” of conservatism, Breitbart was one of the few voices willing to speak up and discuss with honesty and clarity all he saw wrong with the Obama campaign of 2008 and subsequent Presidency, and the landslide “Tea Party” victory of the 2010 midterm elections was most certainly influenced by his hard work and dedication to principle.

While sometimes biased toward the Republican side of things to a fault, Breitbart definitely always erred on the side of what I would call “Original Intent.” Breitbart was always one of the staunchest allies of life from inception, and I have no doubt he would have scoffed at this ginned up “reproductive rights” campaign being perpetrated by the leftists and perpetuated by the media. I believe were he here today, Andrew Breitbart would be on the front lines and working hard to expose the fact that “reproductive rights” as defined by the Democrat Party is ultimately nothing more than an advocacy for abortion, and ultimately increases immorality in society by endorsing permissive sexual behavior with little to no consequence.

And as a father of four who believed in The Bill of Rights with great passion, Breitbart would have been one of the clearest voices speaking up for Americans’ right to bear arms while protecting the safety and security of our families.

I told myself I was going to keep it short today… I took the day off so I could enjoy some of the amazing weather we’re experiencing here in The Valley of The Sun. Forecast calls for clear skies and a high of 79° today, and there’s a lot of desert out there for me to go four-wheeling in. I think I’m gonna do some shooting while I’m out… last month I went to the gun show and bought myself a Remington 702 ‘Plinkster’ and a Taurus Millennium PT745, which is a short-barreled .45 caliber handgun with 6-round magazine. I picked them up as Birthday gifts to myself… I passed a background check and everything! While I was there, I picked up a couple of 25-round magazines for my rifle, and I plan to get a couple more the next time the gun show comes to town. Gotta get ‘em while we still can…

I wanted to add to my collection, which until then consisted only of an Arminius revolver with a 6” barrel. now I can say I truly support diversity… heh, heh…

And while I’m quite sure I can handle both these new weapons properly, practice makes perfect… plus I need to teach my new firearms not to go off killing people while I’m not around, since we all know guns kill people. That and I need to prepare for Armageddon, since President Obama is running around telling everyone that the world is going to end and it’s all the Republican Party’s fault.

So as we prepare for sequester, do not fret; although Congresswoman Maxine Waters claims sequester will cause us to lose 170 million jobs (someone needs to tell Maxine there are only about 150 million jobs held in America today), Nancy Pelosi has a plan:

But remember, it’s all the Republican Party’s fault.


Pedaling said...

love posts like this which mix truth and reality with sarcasm and humor

thanks for making me chuckle.

it's painful to just sit here and listen to obama blatantly lie about what is currently going on and playing the blame game. painful!

look at you go on the gun purchases. you're not alone in your quest for for being prepared and not looking back with regrets when it comes to exercising our freedoms now, before it's too late.
...and if YOU can pass that background check, i'd image that gives others hope to try. ;)

and what a responsible owner you are to have your guns trained before leaving them alone! what a great reminder to us all!

Maxine Waters, N. Pelosi, Joe Biden...but it the republicans and conservatives who are the idiots! that's right we are so out of touch and stupid and want to harm america by not letting all the "stupids" think and act for themselves.

miss breitbart but thrilled to see many picking up where he left off.

The Conservative Lady said...

Enjoyed your post, Sol. Mr. Woodward is just the latest truth teller to receive a target on his back from the Left. It's disgusting and I wonder if it will ever change...I doubt it.
Hard to believe it's one year since Breitbart passed away. I saw it last night and also found out that his mother just passed away 2 days before his 1 year anniversary.
Have fun on your day off and enjoy your new guns.

LL said...

The Pelosi plan is the only sound one. Once all Americans are employed only by government and we have found True Communism, it will be utopia.

mCat said...

70 degrees, desert, four wheeling and shooting. Sounds like the perfect day.

Great post. Still waiting for the sky to fall as O predicted and then i've got my blame game stepped up.

tammy said...

Glad you got out and enjoyed the beautiful weather. I liked seeing all the pics on FB last night.

Soloman said...

Hi y'all... thanks for saying hello, sorry to take so long to get back. I did have a great day, even though it ended kinda miserably (see my most recent entry)...

And while I did carry my .45 in a holster for the first time since I bought it (it's much more comfortable on my hip than my .38 special revolver with the 6" barrel) I never did shoot one round from any of my weapons... and good news, they didn't shoot anyone on their own either!! I was just enjoying the nature and the 4-wheeling, and the area I was in didn't have as much of an area for shooting as did the area I visited last week.

Sounds like rain this weekend, so sadly I may not get out in it, but if that rain stays away, I'm going to play...