Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself


jay son said...

obama will have springsteen call krispy kreem, and then krispy will be involved in the photo op with our leadership challenged leader, again.

not much use or love for this guy.

Soloman said...

jay son.. We conservatives need more people who can speak up clearly and reasonably for fiscal responsibility while at the same time appealing to the "moderates" and some on the left. That's what made Reagan's "big tent" theory so attractive.. and while Reagan was much more conservative than Christie may be, Carter wasn't nearly the leftist nut-job that Americans are now learning Obama truly is. Because Obama is so far left, it is going to take someone a little more "moderate" to swing those Obama voters away from Hillary, who we all know is running in 2016.

I get it that what Christie did in the heat of the Presidential election was perceived as beneficial to Obama; I didn't much care for it myself. However, I do appreciate the straight talking nature of Chris Christie, and he truly is reforming New Jersey in ways nobody ever thought possible.

I don't know if I'd support him for President because it would depend on the other choices at that time, but I do believe more elected officials need to speak up more against the miserable failure of leadership coming from DC these days. Unfortunately right now the only people from the "right" who really speak up consistently against the destructive nature of Obama are Bachmann, Palin, and my governor Brewer, and those three come across as batshitcrazy more than they appear reasonable.