Saturday, July 30, 2011

As Seen At A Used Book Store

Went used book shopping a couple of weeks ago.

Interesting to see whose books are piling up (and perhaps not selling?) in a used book store. Also fascinating these two ending up next to each other.


Teresa said...

It looks like conservatives read more than liberals. Not surprising at all.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I'm not surprised.

Soloman said...


What I also take from this picture is that a lot of people are losing "hope" in Obama, whereas people seem to be holding on to the values and information Beck provides in his books.

Beck may be scandalous and imperfect in many ways, but I'd take his value system over Obama's value system every day. I think a lot of America is finally starting to understand that feeling.

Soloman said...

Odie, you're not surprised? And here I had you pegged for an Obamabot all along..


Anonymous said...

Hey Brother...

I took a similar picture today at Half Price Books here in the rust belt. It's headed toward you now. it shows 4 copies of Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue" next to one copy of Barack Obama's "The Audacity of Hope". One would suppose that on any given shelf at any given store in any given state that one would find a completely different view of things. Neither picture says much to me other than that there are used books on a shelf. :)

Soloman said...

Got your email, bro..

Interesting. I can't say it totally surprises me to see Palin's book piling up in the used book stores. She's definitely divisive, and like Obama she definitely sold a lot of books, so in both cases there will be those who don't keep them.

Not to defend Beck but to look at the type of books... Beck's book in the pic is an informational book with footnotes. It is fact-based and will be a point of reference for many years to come as people have political discussions.

Palin's and Obama's books are more (auto)biographical in nature, and therefore once having read them a person might decide, "meh, I don't need it anymore."

I also know in the case of my picture, location had to play a role. I was in Mesa, which is largely Mormon, therefore mostly Caucasian and strongly conservative. I don't know where you were... some pockets of town are more liberal and some more conservative.

All in all, though... it wouldn't be good "chum" if I offered the counter-point, true?

I am, though, working on turning a page toward a less "partisan" perspective. I am and always will be more conservative in my beliefs, but I plan to make some effort to tone down the rhetoric a bit.

Right now it's the most important thing we "terrorists" .. er... "hobbits"... er.... "hostage-takers"... er... "teabaggers"...

I think the best thing conservatives can do is to tone it down and let the Democrats in Congress and the media look like the children in the discussion, which right now is exactly what is happening.

Even Biden threw out a "terrorist" jab, but of course the media is covering for him as one might expect them to do for a liberal politician.

Had Cheney, or let's say McCain or Boehner made such a statement? Oh, my...