Tuesday, April 10, 2018

People Of The Land

Citing “The Crisis in Syria," President Trump announced today that he was not traveling to South America as had been planned. Vice-President Pence will travel in his stead. I had so hoped he wouldn't do a damned thing about Syria, but instead take care of America. It's what he campaigned on, after all, and it seems The Swamp sure wants another war in The Middle East... 

Also today, Mark Zuckerberg gave America it's very own collective #MeToo moment. It seems we have all been his bitch. 

Yesterday on CNN, Jake Tapper cut away from Ambassador Nikki Hayley testifying at The United Nations about matters that could lead our nation into a war in Syria. What he went to was “Breaking News” that was indirectly related to the Stormy Daniels situation, which is apparently the chosen battlefield of "The Most Trusted Name In News."

If you’re not familiar with Ms. Daniels, she’s the porn star who allegedly let the current President grab her by the... or something, back when he was a rich playboy... 2006 or something. I understand he was married, and that sucks. I've not been a saint so I'm not one to judge... but it does help define the man, and that's important in politics. at least we would like to think, since the era of FDR and JFK, Slick Willie... the story of Obama doing cocaine and whatever... I mean heck, our Founders had babies with Slaves. Nobody's perfect... at least none of us.  

My point is that we all knew he was a pig. And yet enough of us either wanted him because of some campaign promise, or we held our nose to protect America from Hillary, or we're deplorable raaaaacists... so here we are.

It’s possible that someday we might learn someday whether Donald J. Trump is the maniacal despot many believe. 

Or perhaps Robert Mueller is just going to keep on digging through Trump’s garbage cans, making a mockery of America. I’ve honestly wondered if this whole thing isn’t some sort of Clinton payback… especially now that we’ve learned Facebook has been working with Mueller?

I’ve honestly not been watching the Stormy Chasers as closely as I have the attacks on our Second and First Amendment by children, who are being supported by major leftist lobbying groups.

I’m also watching as an amazing number of corporations are being bullied into submission by partisan leftists acting as economic terrorists. These people are so hell-bent on destroying any of the foundation remaining under this great nation that they’ll sacrifice damned near anything. I’m wondering how long it will be until Starbuck’s is a corporate sponsor of the wrong cause du jour…

Those kids went through Hell, for sure. Our schools should be safer, for sure. But law-abiding Americans should not lose their rights because of the actions of a few outliers. Fact is that if you don’t own a gun whenever the shit goes down, you might want to know a guy or gal who thinks like me. We are freedom’s safest place. 

America is the Land of Liberty, and Liberty is not a safe space. The government can't protect everyone all the time, as has been proven by events like the shooting in Parkland, where the authorities were called to the shooter’s house 39 times yet failed to accept what was right in front of them.

 Oh, and September 11th, 2001. Another day we weren’t quite ready for. There’s a #NotOneMore moment in American history if there ever was such a thing.

Our Founding Fathers left us the promise of being able to protect ourselves. Whether from each other, or from The Swamp, or an invader from another land meaning to do us harm... The Second Amendment is meant to protect Liberty. The thing is to do it responsibly, with respect for everyone else's rights, whatever you may think.

This past weekend I rode my Harley a little, got a mountain bike ride in, chilled with my “kids.” I stayed away from the drama of The Swamp and had a good weekend of personal growth. I need more of that.

But I’ve learned that I also need to know what’s going on in The Swamp.

It seems like every day there’s something new. People moving out, people moving in. Why? Because of the color of their skin. People love it when you lose. They love dirty laundry… Run, run, run, but you just can’t hide. Just leave well enough alone, eat your dirty laundry…

The thing is, there’s a fine line between right and wrong. Right now, I think the hard left and the hard right are simultaneously correct and incorrect about a number of issues. What we all have in common is our disdain for the people who we believe have been gaining the system at our expense. Where we differ is more difficult, but I think the more we talk the more we find we understand each other. And that’s the key.

I’m a simple man who lives a simple life. I am a twice divorced, white, 51-year old man living in the “Wild West” out here in Arizona.. a "Deplorable" if there ever was one. Out here we still see people carrying a gun occasionally without losing our collective minds. Most of us believe in the individual first and foremost, while still respecting and appreciating the collective. 

I believe in Liberty, which means letting the other guy live his life responsibly, provided he’s not interfering with yours. I’m a staunch defender of The Bill of Rights, many of which I believe are being trampled upon by The Swamp, a.k.a. Washington, D. C. I used to call it The District of Criminals, or The District for short.

Swamp is perfect to begin a sentence, I don’t even have to use my shift button... but I digress...   

I plan to start writing more about a great many issues. There are some issues about which I think the right-wing could use some understanding, or open-mindedness, or both… and some where those truly in search of progress need to slow down… maybe learn a little something from history before they go making all this change we necessarily need as much as they think.

But for now I leave you with a little song called “People Of The Land,” written and performed by a cool cat named Lincoln Durham. Lincoln brings influences from amazing places and people in the history of music to my world. I hope you enjoy.

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