Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Media Agenda Check


Pedaling said...

I try to refrain from calling people names but this is getting ridiculous!...those who are buying into this crap and letting the media control their brains, are just plain stupid!

Seriously People!

....and the Rubio drink was actually pretty dang funny! Not to mention his response was absolutely awesome!

...listen to the Media and they'll have you believe Marco's chances for anything in the say Pres. nominee- are OVER!

Yeah, whatever!

I'm ore proud, than ever, to stand on the same ground as Marco Rubio!

Loralee said...

It's truly ridiculous how th mainstream media ignores Important Stories. You will only find those on Fox News. Ahd to top it off the mainstream media has people brainwashed to believe that Fox News only tells lies. Sure, Carl Rove and Dick Morris were incorrect on their poll numbers, but reporting ouright lies as news? THEY would be sued for liebel. Our president, on the other hand, gets a pass from the mainstream media on every lie he tells.

mCat said...

Can't believe what is happening with the simple act of drinking water.

Goes to show that MSM is pure propaganda and those that buy into it are idiots.

Yes. I said idiots. I guess nicer than calling them dumbasss.

Can I say dumbass on your blog?

Soloman said...

Hey y'all... finally getting around to replying here, but I wanted to thank you for saying hi. I too enjoyed Rubio's response to the SOTU address, and even more his self-deprecating media tour afterward! He seems like a man who knows what's really up in America. I have noticed the whole Menendez story has gone away.. way, far away.. of course, we know the majority of the media are all dumbasses... of course you can say that here mCat!

tammy said...

Oh how I love Rubio!