Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Night Videos: 2112

"You don't get something for nothing... You can't have freedom for free."

As the Mayan calendar comes to an end and America is a nation in turmoil, these are the final words of the great "video" I offer today for your enjoyment. A combination of mystical fantasy, science fiction action-adventure, and poetic inspiration, 2112 is, in my opinion, the definitive Rush masterpiece, and if the world by chance were to end on 12/21/12, the irony of the name they gave this musical treasure would be... simply perfect.

If I was going to be stranded on a deserted island and was only able to take ten albums with me, this Rush classic is definitely right up there at the top of the list. The music of Neil Peart, Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee is as majestic today as it was when they first shared this creation with us in 1976, with lyrics perhaps even more meaningful than they ever imagined.

If you've got about 40 minutes you can spare, I promise... this one will not disappoint.

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