Thursday, October 25, 2012

An Open Letter to President Obama

Parental advisory – explicit language is contained in this post, and while I believe it is used in context you may not want to leave this post up on your monitor.

An open letter to President Obama

Mr. President, I know you’re a busy man. You've got Letterman’s show to do; or is it The Tonight Show with Jay Leno? Or “Pimp with a Limp,” or The View, or some hard-hitting sports talk in Cleveland.

Jon Stewart, perhaps? Probably not; might not be optimal.

By the way sir, that’s where I’m from. I grew up in a south-eastern suburb of Cleveland in a nice suburb called Solon. My parents worked really hard to provide for me and my siblings. No “fair share” handouts; just good planning, a lot of hard work, a lot of stressful late nights trying to make ends meet, and a dedication to be the best parents they could be. I don’t think they ever felt “punished” with any of us three… well, maybe me, but that’s a whole different story. Thankfully we can all smile about all that today, and realize I was an idiot, even though in my mind, back then, I was a genius.

Mr. President, I know you enjoy visiting your peeps. Don’t bother with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday… those raaaacists who watch that network won’t vote for you anyway, being bitter clingers and all. I know that quote was taken slightly out of context… I just like to remind you that you said it, even though back in 2008 none of your friends in the media wanted to talk about it. Well, that or anything really.

They’re still not investigating your past, your media friends, even though some of them are sure worried about Mitt Romney’s taxes, still, even after we learned that between taxes and charity he gave away almost sixty percent of his earnings. And a cool thirty percent of his earnings were given to charity. Thirty percent, voluntarily, without the government forcing it to be removed from his account before it went to The Cayman Islands, or wherever he hides all his loot.

But I digress, sir, and you’re a busy man. Let me get to my point. Imagine this if you will, Mr. President:

Wendy’s puts out a new burger. It really is better than McDonald's. I mean, seriously better. It’s less expensive, it’s more filling, and it has less calories.

McDonald's decides they want to try to say they are better than Wendy's, even though they know people are going to Wendy's and McDonald’s has no idea how to give them something even equally as good… because after all, many people going to Wendy's are lifelong McDonald's customers. These McDonald’s customers are completely disillusioned, because they believed they really had found the best burger ever. This burger was supposed to be ‘da bomb,’ to use some hip Hollywood lingo.

So McDonald’s marketing department schemes a new tactic; they will run ads saying “Wendy’s is telling you their burger is better, but they’re bullshitters!”

You are asking for four more years, Mr. President. Should we give you four more years when you can’t even act in a way that’s becoming of the office you ask us to trust you with?

Mr. President, whatever language you and Joe Biden use behind closed doors may be your business, but when you put yourself in front of us, it becomes our business.

While working, I don’t use obscenities when I am in areas a customer could possibly hear me. Yet while signing your signature health care ‘reform’ bill, we heard you and Vice-President Biden loud and clear. Well, we heard him, anyway.

The fact that we heard what he said to you, sir; that was a big fucking deal that day. Our nation will forever have that moment to remember you by. Is that the legacy you want, Mr. President?

While on the campaign trail, sir, your customers hear you. We, sir, are your customers. You serve us, remember, just as I serve the customers of my place of business. If I act out of line or disrespectfully I risk losing a customer, and with the loss of every customer comes the possibility I may lose my job, if I am found to be part or all of the reason for said loss.

Sir, we don’t need you to use the word “bullshitter” on the campaign trail as you rally your base against Mitt Romney. If you have honest differences, be honest. Lay out the facts. Plead a reasonable case for your record, compare it to Romney's projected agenda, and let the chips fall.

And I know my nieces’ and nephews’ ears don’t need to be shielded, as the evening news describes your use of that word, as The President of The United States, while campaigning for re-election. My nieces and nephews should always be able to look at The President of The United States with awe, and respect. You should be a role model; about that there is no question.

The Presidency is the highest and most respected office in the world, Mr. President. Act like it.

P.S., sir – here’s what some of your friends in the media say. European media too, by the way… I’m guessing you’ll enjoy their adulation. They use language just like yours when they do their ‘job’ of reporting about the ‘outrage’ I feel about your disrespect for our trust.


Pedaling said...

Based on his strategy, his own words, ads and actions, Obama's maturity level is below that of a middle school aged boy. His attempts to attack, his unanswered questions, his lack of respect and leadership, I've got to believe is being noticed, even by some lifelong democrats. When I look at the things Obama throws out there, my pride to stand in the corner with M. Romney is solid!

Soloman said...

Funny you mention 'middle school aged boy.'

When I watched the debates, it seemed to me, as some in the news reported, that Obama was getting petulant with Romney. In those instances, he reminded me of myself when I was trying to 'debate' my father.

I don't know if you saw, but the DesMoines Register today endorsed Romney. First Republican they've endorsed since they endorsed Nixon in '72. That speaks volumes...

tammy said...

Great post Soloman. Let's hope this country doesn't give him 4 more years.

Soloman said...

Thanks, Tammy... that's why I am back I know I've been hit-and-miss lately, but it's unreal to me the media cover-up for this outrageous scandal.