Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day

In the late 1700’s, independence from a tyrannical and oppressive British government was gained in a new land. Freedom from an oppressive, state instituted religion was one of the most important reasons so many men, women, and children gave their lives. Today people enjoy the freedom to choose their own faith (or complete absence thereof, should they so choose) than in any time in history. This is true not just in America, but largely around the world. For this and this alone, America should be celebrated as the best social and governmental experiment in history.

Yet there’s so much more to celebrate about America.

Taxation without representation was one of the other motivating factors that pushed the colonies to wage war for their independence. It is fascinating today how taxes are as much a part of the discussion in America as ever in my lifetime, certainly… and perhaps as much as ever since our nation’s founding. We are definitely being taxed today more than ever in my adult lifetime, yet those taxes are not solving our most important problem; our debts to other nations.

Instead, our government is imposing itself upon a large portion of our economy, about which it knows nothing and can really no nothing to help. That, and it did so through every illegitimate parliamentary measure available… all the while lying to the public and not calling its imposition what it really is; a tax.

Our government will now spend more than ever before on the medical “care” of its people, under the guise of caring for those “most in need.” We already care for those truly in need. Now, thanks to government, those who are low income earners without the ability to insure themselves will certainly be able to receive insurance, alright – by the mandate of federal law, and a “penalty” for non-compliance. It’s called a tax, people.

And for those who already have insurance? No worries… like I will, you’ll just keep the insurance you have. However, if your insurance is provided by your employer, as is mine, you’d best look out when costs get too high for him to continue to offer that benefit. My employer is already griping about how much our premiums have gone up since Obamacare… excuse me, “The Affordable Care Act,” became a national discussion. Employers will soon be dropping insurance benefits like the L.A. Kings scored goals in the Stanley Cup Finals this year… early and often.

The problem with our “healthcare” system in an economic sense is that we know little to nothing about what costs really are, yet the government believes another level of bureaucracy between doctor and patient is the answer. What it really creates is another layer of people creating nothing of substance and providing no truly legitimate service, all the while taking an income through taxation from those who do indeed truly create products or provide legitimate and beneficial services.

Insurance is a need, but not the way it is organized and used today. Competition would be good for insurance. There was little, now there will be next to none. Oh, yeah.. they’ve said something about “pools” or something… but again, why does the government need to get in the middle of it, and why are they going to “penalize” those who can truly least afford to carry a policy that may or may not serve their need?

The answers to our problems are at the local level. More community outreach, less massive federal imposition. A true “community organizer” understands this more than a rabble-rouser turned politician ever could. Ask your pastor or someone who works in a soup kitchen. Those people are truly organizers within a community, and they’ll tell you the federal government is not the answer to helping those truly in need, because help comes most effectively from those closest to the needy.

Since its founding, America has been a good and noble nation in our efforts to protect the freedom of individuals worldwide, yet today we are becoming fiscally indebted to others at an alarming rate. At what expense? I don’t think we want to know, yet the proof is in the way China treats its people. Oh, and the Middle East. They’re real kind to their citizens, those Middle Eastern governments on whom we depend so much for our oil.

Obviously we don’t know the course history would have taken without the founding of America. However, one must certainly wonder if mankind would have ever seen things like the harnessing of electricity to create a candle-like device that gives us the ability to read at night, just by flicking a switch. Would the world have ever heard the left-handed Jimi Hendrix play The Star Spangled Banner on his strung-upside-down right-handed Fender Stratocaster, through stacks of Marshall Amplifiers, in Woodstock New York? And what would have come of South Vietnam had Americans not stood for the rights of good people, speaking of Hendrix and that era? I’d love to find out how many 60’s era hippies who protested that war own Kia or Hyundai vehicles.

Sure there were things wrong about that conflict, as has been the case with pretty much every war throughout history. But today a nation thrives thanks to American sacrifice.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Hitler guy. Hard to say what would have come of the world if not for America's existence, and our eternal belief in freedom at all costs.

If not for America… We will never know if man would have ever invented the assembly line. Apple, Microsoft, IBM. Baseball, The Dallas Cowboys and their Cheerleaders, and LeBron James thinking he’s the next MJ. Yeah, that’s not the case nor will it ever be, but thanks for your ego, King James.

Today thanks to the sacrifices made by so many who came before me, I can sit on my patio and enjoy this beautiful rainy Arizona day and speak freely about whatever I’d like.

I can freely and responsibly own the firearm in my home that provides me security from criminal invaders as well as personal protection should my government ever become oppressive. I have the right to a fair and speedy trial, by a jury of my peers, should I ever be accused, and if acquitted I’m never to be tried again. I have the right to cast a vote for the person of my choosing at elections local and national, as do all law-abiding Americans. It is interesting that some don’t believe it should be required … proof of citizenship in order to cast a vote. That one I don’t get.

Anyway… Our nation was founded on the premise of more freedom and less government intrusion. More freedom will allow Americans to find our way.

Our way away from dependence on oil is not through government secured loans that are handled irresponsibly. Government should not and cannot tax carbon based energy products in order to force submission by the people to government’s desired outcome. Entrepreneurs; scientific minds with the backing of individuals willing to take risks for the possibility of reward will be the solution to America's energy concerns. That’s been the case every other time an American has invented the next, most amazing thing the world never dreamed it would see.

Freedom. Our founders believed our rights come from God, not our government. What’s best about that discussion is that amongst our founders, even those who did not believe in God still understood the importance of Faith as a part of Man’s Law.

Today it is important that we remember that whatever government gives you can always be taken away. God’s gifts of freedom are undeniable, and eternal.

Today, I celebrate. Happy Birthday, America! I hope 236 years from now people are still saying the same.


The Conservative Lady said...

Good job, Sol. America is a wonderful country. Too bad there are folks out there who just don't appreciate it. We must defeat the "enemy within"'s now or never.

Teresa said...

Fantastic post, Soloman! I hope you had a great time celebrating on the 4th of July. Wishing you blessings now and all year through.