Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Herman Cain's Smokin' New Ad Has Pundits All Fired Up

The political world is all fired up today about this new web advertisement by Republican candidate Herman Cain, starring his Chief of Staff Mark Block and a cigarette. Seems the cigarette has caused quite an uproar. Here is the clip:

I think this ad is genius, and draws an incredibly stark contrast between Herman Cain and the status quo. In my opinion, this ad represents the essence of Herman Cain’s candidacy for President.

This ad reeks of freedom, individual responsibility, and honesty. No more Presidents sneaking off to the back patio to have a cigarette that will be denied if anyone should ask; this campaign is telling you right up front what it is about. You may or may not like it, but it’s going to put it out there and let you decide.

I'd like to put forward a little bit about Herman Cain and his "putting it out there" attitude that has impressed me so far.

First and foremost, Cain put forward the first bold proposal for a plan to restructure the tax code. He has sent every other candidate scrambling to come up with their own, hopefully more impressive plan. "9-9-9" may not be perfect, but it brought to the forefront an extremely important topic that the current administration refuses to discuss. A flatter tax code with lower rates across the board is considered by most economists not named Krugman to be the best way to jump-start the economy and create a wider revenue base.

Cain spoke of and never should have backed away from the idea of a real border fence. For decades we have been hearing from both sides "We must first secure the border," yet nothing has been done. Sure there’s a little bit of hyperbole there with the whole electrocution thing, but at least he is willing to say what nobody in politics really seems to be willing to say; that we have a security issue in this nation, and until we address it forcefully it will never be solved.

Cain has made in-your-face statements to the Black community about himself and his belief system as compared to affirmative action and entitlement bound belief system of President Obama. He calls himself a Black American, and has said ultimately he prefers to be called an American, with no hyphenated anything. Regarding opportunity for success in America, Cain takes a position most Americans can truly believe in. He discards the race card and will not allow himself to be called a victim due to the color of his skin. Cain came from humble beginnings to become the CEO of a major corporation, and never received any government assistance along the way. He truly is a self-made man, and has the background and success to speak to the true American Dream.

Herman Cain may not be perfect, but what he shows in potential tells me that he is much better at this moment than anything our current President has to offer - even after President Obama’s almost three years in office. Herman Cain is a leader, and he is a manager. Cain has acknowledged that he doesn’t know everything, which is a refreshing change from the man who was proclaimed by the media to know it all, acted like he knew it all, and has ultimately proven he really doesn’t know much at all.

Cain has said that if he does not know, he will find someone who does know and employ that person’s wisdom. That is real leadership and management.

The one specific I would like to hear Cain address is President Obama’s appointment of “Czars,” as opposed to what I hope would be Cain’s request for counsel without the need for title and salary.

The “Czar” idea is not exclusive to President Obama. If we are to move this nation forward in a dignified manner, we all need to recognize and admit that President Obama and his outrageous power grab is a culmination of decades of “progressive” ideals, and that politicians from both parties have participated in the excesses allowed by the system created by "progressive" politicians. What has taken nearly a century to create will not be disassembled overnight, but anyone offering to change the course in a principled manner should be applauded.

President Obama appointed people based on personal favoritism, perhaps influenced by a little Soros cronyism. He put them on the government payroll, and gave then free reign. Rather than seeking their advice, he allowed them to shape policy. Under this system, we have more unnecessary environmental regulation than ever before which is ruining business development and growth. We also have the most radical “progressive” policies ever regarding the ideas being taught in our schools. And most importantly, the balance of power between the three branches of government is less than at any time in our nation’s history.

Regarding Cain, I would hope (based on his behavior to date) that his choices would always be founded in principle, not in political expediency.

Cain’s biggest weakness seems to be foreign policy, but he is a quick study, and he has the right belief system. Peace through strength and clarity is a lot better than “Every nation is exceptional.” Telling the world that Israel and England are our most staunch allies, that Iran is the most known source of proxy terrorism in the world today, and that Pakistan had better mind its manners are all good policy statements.

Regarding Cain’s recent abortion comments, I understand and agree with Cain’s ability to separate a personal belief system from government intervention into our lives. While I firmly stand on the side of life and would hope no life ever be aborted, it is not the responsibility of government to make that decision for adults. Prohibitive laws regarding minors should be in place and should be strict, but adults in a free society should take personal responsibility for their own actions and should have the right to do what they believe is best. If we truly believe in small government, we must understand that while we may vehemently disagree, abortion is a decision that should be left to the individual. That is a decision the individual will make between themselves and their God, and they will have to live with that decision. I also believe that it is better to have legal and safe clinics for such procedures than to have them take place in an underground, back-alley environment.

I don't know if Herman Cain will win the nomination, but he is definitely changing the conversation - and I would say for the better.

And to those who think Herman Cain’s smile at the end of the clip is odd, if not creepy? Herman Cain said it himself - lighten up, America. Get a sense of humor.

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Pedaling said...

I love this post.
I'm pretty sure, out of all conservative bloggers, your posts are the ones I agree with the most....well, yours and the vineyard.
I love reading what you write.
How your broke down the ad piece by piece was spot on...and then Herman Cain the man--it's no wonder everybody loves the guy.
Will he get the nomination- probably not- but he has done the party well by being in the race- having the courage to direct the conversation- and I feel he has pulled the candidates more where we the voters want them to be.
I admire the man.

Now about Twitter--I would totally follow you- but I've tried Twitter twice now- both times I ended up deleting my account. I just don't get the attraction. What am I missing?

tammy said...

I really like what I've seen of him, and like Pedaling always appreciate your posts. They're well thought out, intelligent and minus the emotion and name-calling.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Really, get a life pundits.

Chris Conlee said...

Heya, just found your blog while Googling for Herman Cain info (I'm a HUGE supporter, for most of the reasons you mention). Now following you on Twitter. I also blogged about Mr. Cain's stance on abortion here:

Please consider checking it out; seems we have a similar point of view.

Will continue checking in. Excellent work.

Chris Conlee

Gus said...

What never ceases to amaze me, is the level of stupidly of those who follow Ron Paul . If you cannot see the guy is a nut. You are probably a nut yourself.

Soloman said...

Pedaling –

You know what they say about great minds. I am not sure what happened to mine! lol…

Since this post a lot has happened, and I heard Mr. Cain raised some $5million in one day? We never know… he just might be the nominee, although I still suspect he’ll be runner up and be given a VP nod or a Cabinet position like Sec. of Commerce. We shall see.

And Twitter? Well, I like it because it’s a place I can choose to read what I want from people I want to get quick tidbits from. Some of our fellow bloggers use like I do with relation to their blogs – it’s a place you can get more readers, if that’s what you’re looking for. I occasionally see an article I don’t want to blog about, but I can quickly “Tweet” the link with a quick “headline” of my own, and maybe people will see what interests me and what I think is important that way.

There are other bloggers out there I have found that are not linked to any of my blogs or even on their blog lists, which is cool. As an example – during one of the debates, such “names” as Ann Coulter, Dana Loesch, Jedediah Bila, Greg Gutfeld, and a couple others were all “live blogging.” So were a bunch of others, including me. They of course may not follow me (since I haven’t been discovered yet) but others do. Some of my comments get “retweeted” which just means more people read what I had to say in 140 characters or less. And that’s part of the challenge – you’ve got to be quick and witty. You can search a topic and find people to follow, or you can “retweet” things you think are worthy. Or…. Sometimes I just sit and watch the “Tweets” of others who I follow, and don’t say a thing. it’s a little complicated at first, but once you spend some time in front of it you can get the hang of it.

I also follow my sports teams, some sports writers, and even a handful of individual players. That part is fun – I have interacted with a couple of the Diamondbacks, which in my opinion is awesome for their efforts to build their fan base.

However, I must warn you – like blogging and Facebook it can be addictive, so you have to use it in moderation. I see people who tweet all day – if they aren’t journalists or political commentators it makes me wonder what they do for a living. And then I figure I need that job!

Thanks for saying hi!

Soloman said...


Thank you; you flatter me. And the name calling and emotion – well, the emotion is there, but I am trying to back it down, because that helps back down the name calling. I called this blog “Wisdom of Soloman” yet I wasn’t always projecting wisdom. I am working on that. Common sense is not derived from being a partisan political hack, and I am better than all that. So if it seems like I post a lot less, it’s not all the personal life – some of it is due to the change in tone around here too. I am trying… lol!

Thank you so much for saying hello.

Soloman said...


As always, you take my multiple paragraph ramblings and condense it to a few words, and hit the nail head on.

Thanks for continuing to check in with me, brother.

Soloman said...

Thanks for coming by - I did check out your Cain post and will stop in and check out your blog upon occasion. And thanks for the Twitter follow! I am a bit erratic these days; used to be I blogged very consistently. I met a girl, life changed. Same old song and dance, I suppose… lol. Anyway, I kind of lost interest in the whole political machine thing. I'm finding my place again, slowly, but I am trying to be less a part of the problem and more a part of the reasonable discourse. It’s tough – I admit to being a conservative and I would almost always vote the “party line,” even though I don’t care for the party. So I am very happy an individual like Cain has come along. I also have hopes for Newt; I am taking into account that he has been away from the process for over a decade, and he sure would wipe up the floor with Obama in a debate. That’s critical, as we know.

Anyway – thanks again. Take care.

Soloman said...

Gus –

I can’t tell you how much I love it when someone with whom I have never corresponded shows up and tells me I am probably a nut. Makes my day!

Hope to see you again.

Soloman said...

Okay... correction - Cain raised just under half a million in one day. Still... not bad.

tammy said...

Just wanted to pop in and wish you a Merry Christmas! Hope all is well.