Friday, June 25, 2010

Remember General Betray Us?

Before the politics: A personal note.

Thank you to all who have expressed concern for my well being, told me that I have been missed, and so on. I truly appreciate the kindness I have been shown by all of you.

I am fine. Actually, I am feeling great. Of course I have been keeping up on the news, but I've been so busy that I quite simply have not had the energy or the ability to focus enough to organize my thoughts into a post.

I made a commitment to myself some time back, and I have been true to that commitment. Over the past couple of months I have been exercising regularly, and to date have lost about 20 pounds. I feel great about the effort I made, and I am enjoying the physical changes as well. I've tightened up my belt a couple of notches, and have been wearing some t-shirts that I haven't worn in a few years.

So... now the politics:

The following letter was written into a comment form at after learning that they had scrubbed all records of their "General Betray Us" advertisements.

Subject: What happened to General Betray Us???

Message: What happened to your articles, videos, advertisements, etc. describing General David Patraeus as "General Betray Us?" I find it fascinating that you have removed all trace of your organization's own history of slandering this great patriot.

Funny how suddenly you want nothing to do with your own position and opinion about the man, now that the man is working for your ideological pawn, Barack Hussein Obama.

Thank you so very much for holding such a double standard regarding this situation, and exemplifying such amazing hypocrisy. You truly are everything I believed you to be - a hack partisan organization that only has conviction for America's best interests when it suits your political agenda, which means you have no conviction for America's best interests whatsoever.

Phoenix, Arizona -

You know, Phoenix - that hotbed of "racism" where we actually expect the rule of law to be followed and expect our borders secured.

If you would like to offer this vile, partisan, anti-American organization a comment of your own, you can use this link to their "General Comment or Suggestion" page.


Bob Qat said...

Such a fine double standard they hold. Good catch.

Teresa said...

Great message! Libs certainly do like their revisionist history. Their policy is to hide the facts and truth. Bob's right- Good catch.

Have a great weekend :)

Just a conservative girl said...

I am really surprised there heads are not exploding putting Patreaus in Afghanistan.

I guess they are willing to protect Uncle Obamy even to this extreme.

I, for one, am very glad that he is taking over. He has already annouced that he will be changing the ROE, and that will save lives and improve moral.

Glad to hear that you are getting buff. Exercise is good for the soul, the tighter bod is just icing on the cake.

Glad you are back!!

The Conservative Lady said...

Hi Sol:
Great letter. It is ironic that Obama had to fall back on the guy the Dems called a liar back in the Iraq surge days. Sweet justice. And now I hope that Obama will have to take every bit of advice that Gen. Petraeus gives him and act on it. Beside the ROE changes, I also heard that they are going review that stupid idea about a medal for "courageous restraint". Maybe some common sense will prevail in regard to Afghanistan now.
Anyway, I'm glad you're doing well and taking care of yourself.

Opus #6 said...

McChrystal slapped Obama publicly. He got fired for it, but Petraeus may have the opportunity to make conditions better for the soldiers, which is all McChrystal hoped for, I imagine.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Soloman, Petraeus is the only name of a general that Obama knew. If he had known the name of any others, they may have gotten the nod.

Michael said... are "Liberal Fools" that have no morals, restraint, guiding principles, or any "love of country." Why are we surprised?

The_Kid said...

Very well written letter !

As I always say, I can forgive the ignorance, the stupidity and even the childish behavior, it's the hypocrisy that proves them to be pathological liars that are totally lacking in all self-worth virtues, with no interest whatsoever in America or anything that has made it great.

What Makes Us Right said...

welcome back, and nice find. I have no time for those loons at move on, so I would have missed this.

By the way, I agree with Woody, he has no clue of the other Generals and therefore was forced to make a good decision for a change!

Pedaling said...

Oh, I remember General Betray Us.
I remember how mad and disgusted I was with Move On and others.

Wow, this administration is pathetic.
They have no shame.

Amusing Bunni said...

Great comment to those sneaky liars, Sol.
I'm glad your having a nice "rest" from blogging.
Congrats on loosing the 20lbs!
It's always nice to fit into clothes you couldn't before!

Soloman said...

Hey all -

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Took me a few days to reply, I know - but hey.. I'm out of practice!!

My thoughts on this one moving forward -

I find it amusing that Obama had to accept the resignation [fire] a liberal supporter who openly admits he voted for Obama, just to now replace him with "Bush's guy."

I believe that (as a few of you mentioned) Petraeus will likely now have the chance to make conditions better for the troops, beginning with the change in ROE. That is a wonderful change that allows our troops to do what they do, and do it without inhibitions.

I also find it interesting that the same people who said Petraeus was asking for the "Willing suspension of disbelief" are now in charge of the Administrative Branch and essentially giving that man orders. Tells me what a man of character General Petraeus is, more than anything else.

Aside from that - It is indeed nice to fit into some clothing that I haven't worn in a while, but I wouldn't quite call myself "buff" yet... but at least I don't feel like a walking lazy gut followed by the guy who used to take care of himself!!